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Oh Biaxin, clarithromycin dear
An antibiotic so mighty, we hold you near
Stopping bacteria, our savior who does appear  

Our cherished Biaxin, what blessings you bring
For infections of skin, bone, and every lung thing
Ulcers too flee from your powerful sting
Healing the sick who your praises sing

But paused caution we also suggest  
For kidneys, livers, and heartbeats not blessed  
Dizziness, vision, sleepiness manifest
Allergic souls must leave Biaxin to rest

Yet when taken as told, satisfaction is had
With or without food makes no good or bad  
Finish the full course, lest infections grow glad
Stay hydrated, my friends, and avoid the mad

The dose, depends on severity seen
From mild illness to infection mean
Two hundred fifty to a thousand between
For children, by their weight I care keen

Too much Biaxin, an emergency now  
Seek help quick, make that urgent vow
Stomach pain, diarrhea I endow
And skin so yellow - quick dial how to the poison patrol now

Missed a dose? Fear not, double not
Take the next, on schedule stay spot
So healing continues on the dot   
Progress not lost, this advice I've got

Of side effects, some are just petty
Like nausea or taste so zesty  
But watch for diarrhea so steady
And serious signs that make me sweaty

Last advice before I now dismiss  
Of other drugs, take care dear bliss    
Interactions vary in their amiss  
Talk to docs and me pharmacist

So go forth with Biaxin, and fare thee well!    
Antibacterial magic, your benefits I tell
Just follow directions and all will be swell

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Buy clarithromycin

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